About Tamil Technologies

Software Training in Chennai Location requires a carefully articulated course curriculum. This enables proper assimilation of knowledge and prepares the students to take of real world business challenges in data analytics. At Tamil Technologies, our course content is generated by industry veterans who knows the current trends. They prepare curriculum as per what will be relevant tomorrow and important today.

We excel at providing only those courses that unlock a range of opportunities to students upon completion. We offer AWS training, Hadoop Training, SAS Training, Data science training , R Course Training, Oracle training, Selenium training, Windows Azure training, Tableau training, VmWare training, Web Designing training, Java training , Salesforce training, CCNA training, Mainframe training,  and Python Training. Our job-oriented courses equip you to be ready to take on responsibilities in this domain and make a great impression with your hands-on skills.

Our training methodology is geared to deliver phenomenal outcomes for students of today’s times. The comprehensive training has a lot of projects to work on and encourages independent thinking. This means you learn problem solving and trouble-shooting with real projects. Our trainers come with a wealth of experience and industry expertise. This gives you an incredible edge as a student of Tamil Technologies. We have designed comprehensive courses that give you exposure to the correct way of approaching data science and analysis so that you get the extra edge in the professional world.

Our Mission

  • To provide candidates with knowledge that is at-par with the IT industry, but also in a pocket friendly way so that everyone can take benefit of our courses.
  • To provide training to candidates in various technologies by experts who have real-time industry knowledge so that candidates can start their career and be in sync with the industry.
  • To bridge the gap between the corporate sector and candidates.
  • To create our presence in the IT sector.
  • To provide corporate trainings to the companies as per their requirements.
  • To be a trusted leader in IT training domain in Chennai.

Our Vision

  • To bridge the gap between candidates and the corporate sector by creating skilled resources who can build their career in the industry and utilise their skills for the progress of the industry.
  • To become a leading institute for creating skilled candidates which sets a benchmark for other to follow.

Why Tamil Technologies

  • We strive to teach the latest and most advanced technologies to our candidates so that they are not left behind while the industry is making progress.
  • Candidates can easily adapt to their work as they will be in sync with the same technology that is being used in the industry.
  • Our faculty consists of experienced, real-time working IT professionals which means that candidates get trained with the latest knowledgebase.
  • We provide 100% placement assistance.
  • We have kept our training programs very cost-effective so as to ensure that everyone can take benefit of our courses.
  • Candidates can attend the classes as many times as they want till they get placed. This ensures that they can keep themselves updated for interviews, clear their doubts on a topic (if it didnt get cleared the first time) and also cover up on any classes they may have missed.
  • During the course, candidates get to face mock interviews by industry experts. This gives them the benefit of facing real life interviews in the course itself!
  • We provide 24X7 support to candidates even after they get placed.
  • During their course, candidates get to work on live projects, giving them exposure of scenarios from the industry.
  • We also have online training courses. This gives you the freedom to learn while you work / study / run your home, with the comfort of being anywhere you want!